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Don't Take Our Word For It

I have been to a large amount of sales workshops over the course of the past 20 years, and Jeff's has easily been the best! Jeff’s attention to detail, and ability to cater to the entire group made it an experience like none other. I look forward to putting everything I have learned to good use.

Pretty sure the last two days have changed my career forever. I learned a lot and I cannot wait to apply the material. I’m so thrilled and so grateful that I was able to go. Jeff was amazing!!

What we found is that within 90 days, quicker than anticipated, there was an average increase in our ELR of $15.00, an increase of average hours per RO of .5, and an increase of $80.00 per repair order. We also saw an increase in our monthly CSI scores. The Pro Talk process took us from doing zero walk-a-rounds to 85-90%. Pro Talk was well worth the investment!