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The Value of a Top-Notch Service Manager

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how the Service Manager can make or break a service department. If your Service Manager has yet to maximize their potential, an excellent way of maximizing potential is through Automotive Service Manager Training form North America’s #1 Automotive Service Training. We offer a robust selection of Automotive Service Workshops specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your dealership and service center staff including Service Clerks, Advisors, and Managers. Rest assured that when you schedule a Workshop with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, your Return on Investment will be more than worthwhile as evidenced by increased revenues, profitability, and customer retention. Also of tremendous value is how Service Manager Training correlates with service advisor retention rates. If you’re a dealership struggling to retain Service Advisor staff, Service Manager Training will help improve your service center’s culture through service advisors’ employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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Service Manager Training


Improve Service Advisor Results with Automotive Service Manager Training

Service Manager Training is arguably the best way of improving the overall performance of a service center. However, it is essential to point out that the improvements get achieved by sharing expert’s knowledge directly to the Service Manager that then uses the new knowledge to improve the performance of individual sales advisors. Although training service advisors directly has its value, Service Manager Training is a unique way of improving service center revenues by targeting the formal power of a leader in your service center’s organizational hierarchy. By improving Service Manager performance, it directly translates into improved service advisor results. Here are a few topics covered in our Automotive Service Manager Training:

  • Financial management
  • Reviewing supply accounts and guiding higher profits
  • Process building and driving efficiencies
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Leadership development

What kind of Automotive Service Manager Training is Available?

Every automotive service department is unique with unique training needs. Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk offers a robust training menu designed to meet the needs of any dealership with a dedicated service department. Here is a list of our training platforms with an explanation of each:

  • On-Site Training – in-store training with an expert consultant working directly with your service center staff
  • Workshops – Public and private seminars offered by Jeff Cowan himself
  • Virtual Online Training – a distance learning opportunity that uses podcasts to train your service center remotely

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