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Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, Inc. is the premier sales and service advisor training company in the automotive service business. At Pro Talk, our focus is on showing dealerships, service managers, service advisors and their support staff how to substantially increase their revenues, improve survey scores and excel in customer retention through time tested and proven sales processes. Pro Talk has trained thousands of service employees in the art of selling, communication skills, customer service, customer retention and many other skills to ensure that service departments realize their maximum fixed operation goals.

Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk is dedicated to optimizing the sales of your dealership using our management training programs. Whether you are looking to improve the sales of your service department, part department, or your business as a whole; our team will be able to guide you through the process so that you reach the sales goals you’ve long yearned for.

North America’s #1 Service Advisor Sales Training

Onsite Training Jeff Cowan Pro Talk
  • Expert trainers spend 85% of their time on the drive, coaching, critiquing, role playing, and writing service if need be.
  • Advisors will learn a complete selling system designed to not only maximize sales but also maximize customer retention, survey scores and effective labor rate.
  • Advisors will learn how to get customer retention up to and beyond 80% within twelve months.
  • Advisors will learn how to get perfect survey scores.
  • Advisors will be shown how to close more sales, handle objections and maintain an effective labor rate of 92% to 95% of the door rate.
  • Advisors will learn a professional 4-point walk- around process and how to walk around Every Car, Every Time® while at the same time reducing the write-up time to 7.5 minutes or less.
  • Advisors will be able to set the customer up for realistic expectations with the use of the Full Service Promise®.
  • Advisors will be shown how to eliminate “heat cases” forever.
  • Advisors will learn how to take control of the customer and the sale. Advisors will learn how to ask proper diagnostic questions.
  • On average, a 5/10th increase in customer paid hours per repair order will be seen within 5 days of installing our processes.
  • Our expert trainers will show your staff how to correctly use all of the technology you have on your drive. Whether that be your MPI’s, tablets, emailing, texting, online reservation systems, on the drive braking systems, video, CRM, etc. We can and will show you how to maximize the opportunities these and other products can and should be delivering to your shop.

Jeff’s expert trainers are the best in the business. Each has been an advisor, service manager and or fixed operation director. They average 30 years experience prior to working with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, Inc.

Jeff Cowan, Expert in Fixed Ops and Automotive Service Advisor Training


It’s understandable that you might not be able to turn over your entire fixed operations to our training team, which is why we offer the different meeting types listed above. We will conduct our training programs based on your availability. Whether you only want a keynote address, a two-hour session, or a two-day workshop, we can accommodate your needs and schedule to help train your employees. A note about our programs: our training is best absorbed when we visit your business and conduct a workshop where your employees can roleplay various situations and have their performance critiqued by our team.

Meeting Types:

  • 60 to 90 minute keynote addresses
  • 2 to 3 hour meetings
  • Half-day meetings
  • One-day workshops
  • Two-day workshops

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Goal setting
  • Maximizing Your Closing and Handling Objection Skills
  • Six Step Sales Process
  • Forgotten Rules of Professional Salesmanship
  • The Six Areas of Closing Sales
  • I Have Learned from Attending 35 Indy 500’s; Lessons in Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Management and Life in General
Manager Training Jeff Cowan Pro Talk
  • Financial Management: Reviewing and Training with the financial statement and all pertinent accounts that are related to the Service Department.
  • Service Gross and Net Profit’s In-depth review of Shop Supply Account (where most dealers have their lunch eaten).
  • Departmental Statistics and measuring your departmental performance, against industry standards.
  • Process Building in the Service Department, Do’s and Don’ts Personnel hiring, disciplining, rewarding and when to let go.
  • Writing Job Descriptions that really work for the team. Watching your Warranty Expenses and ways to keep them in check.
  • Our Manager Training program will cover a variety of topics geared toward developing leadership, maximizing your team’s capabilities, and optimizing performance.
BDC Training Jeff Cowan Pro Talk
  • Trainers will work with BDC manager and reps, cross-training them to understand the service department operations. This ensures consistency between departments.
  • BDC team will learn how to properly schedule based on shop capacity and capabilities.
  • Trainer will implement word tracks for effective customer communication and setting expectations.
  • Trainer will set up an incentive program for BDC team to encourage the upsell, thus infusing a sales “culture” within the department.
  • Create a follow-up process for the BDC to maximize missed opportunity with previously declined services.
Quick Lube Training Jeff Cowan Pro Talk
  • Trainers will ensure there is appropriate management and processes in place.
  • Trainer will work with the manager to ensure proper staffing (including techs and writers), based on shop capacity and capabilities.
  • Advisors will learn how to up-sell from the initial write-up, further creating a sales “culture” and increasing HPRO.
  • Trainer will help to create consistent and effective branding and merchandising.
  • Improve production and workflow based on dealership location and demographic.

Jeff’s wealth of knowledge and experience comes from being in the trenches in thousands of service departments.  Throughout their 30 years of doing business, Jeff and his staff of expert field trainers have spent countless hours standing on service drives, side-by-side with service employees as they work with real customers in live situations. This enables them to deliver the most relevant, up to date content in the marketplace, that will work for you and your staff right now, today.

Pro Talk’s side-by-side training is the best investment a dealership or automotive service store can make into their service department for long-term success and profit. Pro Talk also offers Public Workshops and Private Workshops, Virtual Training for Service Advisors, Dave Anderson Virtual Training for Sales Staff, as well as a complete and comprehensive DVD/Workbook Training Program. Jeff and his expert trainers are considered to be the best at what they do simply because they all have successfully worked these fields and continue to work in the jobs they teach others to do.

Regardless of the department, implementing management training programs at your business can make it easier to reach the sales goals you’ve set. Forget settling for a less-than-satisfactory situation at your automotive organization when Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk is just a phone call away. There are times when an outside voice can make all the difference, especially when it comes to the success of a business. Realizing your business has been struggling and asking for help is not easy. Once you do, you can begin to realize your dreams as the owner.

Whether Jeff’s training is delivered in a workshop, on a DVD set, on his online virtual training platform or through his on-the-drive, side-by-side in-house training, his training processes and content deliver maximum results. Your entire organization will be granted access to Jeff Cowan’s online virtual training system so that they can watch the videos at their leisure. You will not be charged extra viewing fees for additional employees. Our management training programs have helped hundreds of companies throughout North America improve their sales. This is why Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk has been sought out by companies and associations like the N.A.D.A., NCM Associates, EasyCare, E-Lead1, and Shell Petroleum for strategic partnerships. It is also the same reason countless automotive manufacturers and vendors have and continue to use his training. Our representatives are standing by ready to answer all of your questions and service department needs.

If you are reading this text, it is likely that you are interested in gaining a sales advantage for your dealership. Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk is a premier training opportunity for your sales and service advisors designed to help dealers increase sales through higher customer conversion rates. If your sales and service advisors are not converting at least 70% of all potential customers, it is likely that you can greatly benefit from the knowledge and expertise available with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk training. Contact Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk today to discuss how we can assist you with your sales conversion ratio by scheduling a premier sales and service advisor training workshop, on-site training event, or virtual online training.


30 years of training dealership service departments have given Jeff Cowan access to volumes of data regarding sales conversion benchmarking. Anything less than a 70% sales conversion rate is unacceptable in today’s automotive market. Even if your dealership has an 80% sales conversion ratio, there is still room for improvement that Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk can help you with.


Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk has helped all dealership sizes and scopes. From the nation’s largest dealers to the newest up-and-comers, Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk offers the sales knowledge and expertise to take your sales conversion ratio to the next level. Regardless of your dealerships size, if you are not converting at least 70% of your potential customers into sales revenues, you are selling yourself short.

Processes often determine the destiny of any business, large or small, and the same can be said for automotive service organizations. You can’t simply hire new employees and expect them to assimilate into your organization without a set structure or standard. Even the most experienced automotive employees who come from other service centers or companies need to be trained on how to operate based on the procedures of your company. 

If they are not properly trained, your business will struggle at various aspects of the business world. That’s where Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk can make the difference for your business. Our management training programs have been successful for automotive businesses of all sizes around the world. Call us today at 800-248-2931 to speak to an experienced member of our team about your organization’s needs.

Find Masterful Management Training Programs at Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk

When you come to the realization that your automotive organization needs outside help to improve sales across the board, look no further than Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk team. Our management training programs have helped automotive organizations around the world maximize the many opportunities they have with each customer. 

The sooner you call our team at 800-248-2931 or complete our online contact form, the sooner we can schedule training at your service center.

Dealership On-Site Training

Pro Talk’s On-site Training is side-by-side in-store training for the entire service staff each step of the way, critiquing, role-playing, and even working directly with the dealership’s clients, providing specific live examples showing how to implement successful techniques. A great way to absorb Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk methods is through our On-Site Training program.

Jeff Cowan’s expert trainer will train your staff at your dealership by coaching them each step of the way; critiquing, and role-playing with each of them individually. Our On-Site training is the best option for receiving individual, hands-on training for any and all skill levels. We will turn your Service Clerks into Professional Sales Service Advisors, without pushing or selling unnecessary items and even without adding one more customer to your service drive or sending out one more coupon, by putting consistent processes in place and teaching your advisors an actual skill – the art of selling professionally. Call us today for more info!



Public and Private Workshops presented by Jeff Cowan himself are available and are geared toward all Fixed Ops staff, including managers, service advisors, greeters, cashiers, porters; literally anyone in the service department who works with customers.

Each attendee is shown how to have the highest sales, customer retention, and customer satisfaction scores. Continental breakfast and lunch included. Attendees to Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk workshops average a 5/10 increase in customer paid repair orders, substantially increase their customer retention, and find themselves in the top 7% in the country with their customer survey scores by simply using Jeff’s proven methods.

If you would like more information, call us today! You can also reserve seats today for Jeff’s Public Workshops:

“The 6 Step Road to Service Department and Service Advisor Success” and “Maximize the Opportunity!”


Aftermarket Service

NEW for Auto Service Chains

For 30 years, Jeff Cowan has been training dealership service departments on how to be more successful. Jeff is now showing aftermarket auto service chains how to increase retention and profits with some very easy-to-follow processes and methods.

Many local auto service centers today are losing customers to dealerships that have now installed quick service lanes, large tire departments, and many other products and services now matching what the local auto service centers and national chain stores offer. This is causing huge profit losses for local auto service and national chain store businesses.

Jeff Cowan’s expert trainer will train your staff by coaching them each step of the way; critiquing, and role-playing with each of them individually. This is a great long-term investment for your business that can immediately begin to help your customer growth and retention.


Virtual Online Training

Pro Talk Virtual Training is an interactive online sales training platform that provides your dealership with cutting edge video training for your service advisors and fixed operations employees. You will get instant access to the nation’s best service advisor training 24/7 from anywhere in the world, unlimited access for each user with no extra viewing charges, and live reporting on all user in-progress & completed training.

Pro Talk VT was designed specifically with advisors in mind knowing they don’t have hours upon end to sit at a computer and watch training long training videos. With Pro Talk VT, you get shorter video clips and more focused content. Available on any computer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Pro Talk VT provides cutting edge training with consistently updated content that is based on real-life situations to help your employees be the best that they can be. Call us for a free trial or more info!


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