Onsite Training

Pro Talk’s On-site Training is side-by-side in-store training for the entire service staff each step of the way, critiquing, role-playing, and even working directly with the dealership’s clients, providing specific live examples showing how to implement successful techniques.


-Expert trainers spend 85% of their time on the drive, coaching, critiquing, roleplaying, and writing service if need be.
-Advisors will learn to professionally approach and greet the customer each and every time.
-Advisors will learn a professional 4-point walk- around process and how to walk around Every Car, Every Time® while at the same time reducing the write-up time to 7.5 minutes or less.
-Advisors will be able to set the customer up for realistic expectations with the use of the Full-Service Promise®.
-Advisors will learn how to take control of the customer and the sale. Customer survey scores will increase by managing customer expectations.
-Advisors will learn how to ask proper diagnostic questions.
-Advisors will close more sales and eliminate customer objections.
-On average, a 5/10th increase in hours per repair order will be seen within 10 days of installing our processes.


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