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Episode 8- 6 Steps to Increase Sales and CSI!

This week, Jeff covers six steps on how to increase your sales and CSI. He covers how to have faith in your career, get yourself out of a slump, and maximize your potential on the drive! Copyright 2017 Wm. Jeff Cowan

Episode 7- Never Stop Selling Who & What You Are!

This week, Jeff covers PART 3 of Customer Retention: How to use word tracks to never stop selling who and what you are! 

Episode 6- Solutions for Customer Retention

Last week discussed the importance of customer retention, so this week Jeff will teach you how to increase your customer retention with realistic solutions!

Episode 5- Customer Retention Part 1

Episode 4- How to NOT Lose Your Job During the Holidays!

Jeff will show you how to make $100,000 a year on your service drive!

Episode 3- Knowing Your Customer

Write Service and Write Your Own Paycheck!

Episode 2- They Picked You!

Episode 2!

Episode 1- Facts & Stats About Service Advisors

In this first episode of Write Service and Write Your Own Paycheck, Jeff outlines how, in no more than 15 minutes of your time, you can learn tips, techniques, and how to write service the right way! Anyone who will ever set foot on a service drive will benefit from this engaging, informative, and proven…

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