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Episode 18- The Most Common Mistakes That Service Advisors Make

This week marks the start of a new series! Jeff is discussing the most common mistakes that service advisors make. Over the next few weeks, he will discuss how to prevent those mistakes, why they can hurt your career, and how to combat them in order to maximize your success! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan

Episode 17- The Multi-Point Inspection

This week, Jeff covers one of the most common and requested topics in service today- The Multi-Point Inspection. He will give insight on if your drive should have one, how to present it, how to utilize it, and the benefits of doing it properly! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan

Episode 16- The No Rush System

What is the best way to implement training to your team? Simple; The No-Rush System! This week, Jeff discusses how to implement training without rushing through it. Training is not something you DID, training is something you DO! This episode is a must watch for managers and dealers looking to implement training in the most…

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Episode 15- Buy A Suit Technique!

This week, Jeff covers the most asked question from service advisors: “How do I get the up-sell before my customer’s car gets in the shop?” Well it’s easy! The Buy-A-Suit Technique is the absolute best technique to let your customer know that they’re in the right place, at the right time, with the person who…

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Episode 14- You CANNOT Replace Human Interaction!

This week, Jeff discusses some personal stories and experiences where technology replaced human interaction. He discusses the benefits of using technology on the service drive, the business aspect, and also the consumer aspect, both good and bad. At the end of the day, a phone or iPad can never look a customer in the eye…

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Episode 13- Get Rid of Service Advisor Slang!

Are you habitually using “Service Advisor Slang”? This week, Jeff discusses why the sale isn’t closed after a presentation. Hint: You never let them know exactly what they’re getting! Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to eliminate service advisor slang and present on a level that the customer understands. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff…

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Episode 12- Closes That Work on Any Service Drive!

Finally, the podcast you have been asking for! Jeff discusses the first four closes that work on any service drive. No pushing, pulling, or twisting arms, just professional salesmanship. Stay tuned for more closes in future episodes! Copyright 2018 Wm. Jeff Cowan

Episode 11- Closing Ratios!

This week, Jeff discusses closing ratios AND why it’s so important! Your minimum closing ratio should and CAN be at least 70%! He discusses time frames to reach that goal and the simple reasons as to why and how it’s possible!

Episode 10- All about ACCOUNTABILITY!

Do you have numbers or goals that you can’t seem to reach? You do all the training, all the role plays, all the walk-arounds, but can’t seem to get there? Why? Don’t be afraid to hold your people accountable! This week, Jeff discusses accountability and the best steps to maintaining consistency with your entire staff.…

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Episode 9- Pulling the Curtain Back!

This week, Jeff discusses “pulling the curtain back” and working with a daily worksheet to make predictions and project goals. Perfect topic for managers, advisors, and any service personnel looking to maximize their opportunity!

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