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Episode 48- Taboo Topics

This week, Jeff talks about how to handle the taboo topics while on the service drive. Sex, religion, and politics are three topics that often come up when building rapport, but you cannot take the bait! Stay tuned to hear how to redirect the conversation in a professional way. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website:…

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Write Service Podcast: Episode 47- Inviting Them Back

This week, Jeff discusses how to properly invite the customer back. If you simply give good service, it’s not enough! You have to master the 6 areas of closing, and invite them back using the “Next Visit” word track. Stay tuned to hear the perfect role-play and scenario! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website: automotiveservicetraining.com…

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Episode 46- Delivering the Vehicle

Do your survey scores struggle from the delivery of the vehicle? Either you’re rushed, they’re rushed, or you don’t know how to do it properly. To turn it around, practice Jeff’s process of scheduling the delivery! Stay tuned to hear how to do it, and all the benefits of doing so. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff…

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Episode 45- The Holes in Your Process

This week, Jeff continues the discussion on having a true process on your service drive. Some of you have a process, and some are really missing the mark on what a proper one should look like. Stay tuned to hear the five biggest holes in your process, and how to turn it around! Copyright 2018…

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Episode 44- What’s Your Process?

This week, Jeff addresses the confusion about processes on the service drive. Which process or leader do you follow? Do you even have a process? Stay tuned to hear the importance of having a process, what results it will get you, and how to implement one properly. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website: AutomotiveServiceTraining.com

Episoe 43- The 6 Areas of Closing

This week, Jeff reveals the six areas of closing. Most service advisors focus on closing the sale, or the last area of closing when asking for the money. However, five other areas can leave so much money on the table if not addressed! Stay tuned to hear all areas to maximize your sales on the…

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Write Service Podcast: Episode 42- What Makes Up a Closer?

This week, Jeff gives a sneak peek into some brand new content for his fall workshop tour starting next month! He covers 5 key areas that make up a closer, and covers what percentage of each area makes up that individual. Stay tuned and take notes to get you to the top of your closing…

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Episode 41- The Newbie

Are you brand new to the industry or the service drive? Within 60 days, you should be hitting the shop minimum as far as HPRO, survey scores, and customer retention. This week, Jeff covers five simple steps to make sure you are up to speed as fast as possible! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website:…

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Episode 40- Finding the Time to Train

This week, Jeff covers 10 easy ways to make time for training. So often, we get stuck in our ways and think that training is too time-consuming or impossible on top of daily work loads. When in reality, it doesn’t always require time on the clock! Stay tuned to hear quick tips on where and…

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Episode 39- Your Numbers Dropped, Now What?

This week, Jeff covers the most common question at this time of the year: Why did my numbers drop? And how do we fix it?! Summer months can be overwhelming, and so many advisors give their customers half effort for the sake of time. To get back to 2.5 HPRO, you have to reset! Stay…

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