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Episode 41- The Newbie

Are you brand new to the industry or the service drive? Within 60 days, you should be hitting the shop minimum as far as HPRO, survey scores, and customer retention. This week, Jeff covers five simple steps to make sure you are up to speed as fast as possible! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website:…

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Episode 40- Finding the Time to Train

This week, Jeff covers 10 easy ways to make time for training. So often, we get stuck in our ways and think that training is too time-consuming or impossible on top of daily work loads. When in reality, it doesn’t always require time on the clock! Stay tuned to hear quick tips on where and…

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Episode 39- Your Numbers Dropped, Now What?

This week, Jeff covers the most common question at this time of the year: Why did my numbers drop? And how do we fix it?! Summer months can be overwhelming, and so many advisors give their customers half effort for the sake of time. To get back to 2.5 HPRO, you have to reset! Stay…

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Episode 38- Proper Training for Longevity

This week, Jeff finishes the last part of a series and discusses how to properly train your advisors so they’re ready for the drive. You’ve introduced the contract, you’ve provided interim training, now it’s time to implement. It’s not the easiest or quickest step, but it will provide success and stability for your next long-term…

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Episode 37- Set the Tone!

This week, Jeff continues with his series on how to hire and develop great service advisors. After you’ve properly posted the advertisement for job opening and interviewed, the period between transition can be crucial. We all know the first day sets the tone- so you have to make sure new hires are prepared and excited!…

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Episode 36- How to Interview Service Advisors

This week, Jeff continues his series on how to find and hire service advisors. Whether it is finding grammatical errors on resumes or some key signals during the actual interview, there are some crucial points to look out for. Stay tuned to hear Jeff’s top 4 points during the interview! Write them down, use them,…

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Episode 35- How to Find Great Service Advisors!

This week, Jeff begins a new series on how to find great service advisors, where to find them, and how to make them the best for your dealership! He will show you how to motivate your current advisors, post effective job advertisements, and how to train them for highest retention. Stay tuned for the first…

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Episode 34- Tips for Summer Business

Summer is officially here! For many of us, that means business is booming, challenges arise, and we can feel easily overwhelmed. This week, Jeff discusses a three-step solution to staying on top during summertime and maximize your time on the drive. The bottom line is that we can’t change reality- we can only embrace it!…

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Episode 33- The Fear of Change

Do you find yourself managing someone that just seems untrainable? Why is it that after one year on the drive, good habits go out of the window? Easy- change is happening! There are five key points that happen when the fear of change kicks in. Stay tuned to hear Jeff’s tips, how to address them,…

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Episode 32- The Myths of Writing Service Part 4

This week, Jeff continues with the last five myths of this series. Stay tuned to hear what they are, how to bust them, and back them up with facts. Each one is perfect to use as a training tool, meeting topic, or simply food for thought! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website: AutomotiveServiceTraining.com

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