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Episode 59- Why I’m the Most Expensive

This week, Jeff addresses a growing concern within the industry- price! He discusses why Pro Talk is worth the investment, what you get in terms of results, and how we compare to others. At some point, you will have to eventually INVEST in your people (not just spend money on training) to get the results…

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Episode 58- Are You Fixing or Masking the Problem?

Most service drives today are simply masking their true problems on the service drive. This week, Jeff tells a personal story about trying to tackle a problem by masking it or seeking “fairy dust”, when in reality it was only enabling the problem more! We are all guilty of pushing problems aside, but this week,…

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Episode 57- An Example of Outstanding Service

This week, Jeff discusses a personal experience that demonstrates the gap in today’s customer service world. He also covers what it should look like, how it is done, and what service to expect as a valued customer. Tune in and save, download, and subscribe! Copyright 2019 Wm Jeff Cowan Website: Automotiveservicetraining.com

Episode 56- How to Prep for the NADA

Attending the NADA this year? This podcast will discuss what you should be looking for, what to invest in, and some key hot topics that you’ll encounter at the convention. Also check out Jeff’s article on LinkedIn, which covers all seven items on your NADA checklist! Copyright 2019 Wm Jeff Cowan Website: automotiveservicetraining.com

Episode 55- Are We Too Far Into Technology?

As we come closer to the NADA convention, one of the most discussed topics is technology. Whether you are attending for some new ideas, to purchase technology, or to gauge client’s interest, technology will always remain as a hot topic. This week, Jeff breaks down the problem with technology on your service drive. At the…

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Episode 54- Five Daily Tips for Service Success

If you’re on the service drive on a daily basis, why not maximize the opportunity? This week, Jeff discusses five tips that you can do in order to turn your best days into your best months, years, etc! Whether it is starting with a mindset or reading 15 minutes a day, these tips will help…

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Episode 53- Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet (Part 2)

This week, Jeff walks you through Part 2 of how to make 2019 your best year yet! You must evaluate where you are, how many customers you see per day, and if the things holding you back are reasons or excuses. Stay tuned to hear the simple tips to service drive success! Copyright 2018 Wm…

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Episode 51- Exclusive CBT Interview w/Jeff Cowan

This week, Jeff reflects on an exclusive interview to discuss the importance of creating sales on the service drive. While it may be a bit shorter, the information is KEY to a successful drive and professional mentality! Website: automotiveservicetraining.com  

Episode 50- Why 60% of Sales Are Missed

This week, enjoy a snippet from a live workshop! The person who is in control (in any given situation) is the one who puts themself in the position to dictate the outcome. Listen to a clip from Jeff’s Live workshop “The 6-Step Road to Higher Sales, Customer Retention and Survey Scores” to discover why your…

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Episode 49- Tips for Your Slowest Month

This week, Jeff discusses how to tackle your notoriously slow month (usually December and fourth quarter). With strategies for overcoming objections and four tips to not give up, you are sure to make it your best quarter yet! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan Website: automotiveservicetraining.com

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