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Navigating the Holiday Season- Sales Tips!

Navigating the Holiday Season How to make the holiday months great for business Many in sales worry that the holiday season is a slow time for business.  How do you prepare for that?  Well, I know plenty of service drives that experience their best months of year during the holidays. If you are having success,…

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Assess, Train, Manage, Succeed! *New Product Alert*

We will send out our expert trainers to assess your service department, train your advisors and managers, manage your customers expectations, and watch the results happen! Expect a 5/10ths increase in HPRO, perfect survey scores, and customer retention above 80% within 9 months! *GIVEAWAY included- Watch the Full Video for details!

2018 Spring Workshop Tour!

6 Step Road to Service Department Success: Jeff will show your people how to get PERFECT survey scores, customer retention above 80%, and increase your sales by 5/10ths HPRO! If you are only going to one training class this year, THIS is the one you cannot afford to miss!

#MondayMotivation Quick Tips “Generating More Income”

Quick Tips for increasing sales, motivation, leadership, management, and life in general. #MondayMotivation

Hump Day “Is Bad Advice Costing You Money?”

If you would like to know more about Pro Talk’s services, On-Site Training for Service Advisors or Managers, Virtual Training, or more call us at 949-713-4469 today! Our representatives are happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Service Advisor Training

Monday-Morning-Quarterbacking…All Talk, No Action

Dealership Service Department Efficiency & Productivity Here we are in the middle of another exciting football season. Some teams can’t seem to do anything wrong, some can’t do anything right. And then, there are all the teams in- between. Regardless of how the teams are faring, they all resort to Monday-morning-quarterbacking. The key distinction is…

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A Recession is Coming: How to Survive it

Our economic future is not going to be smooth sailing. In order to successfully navigate, the captains of the vessels are going to have to make the proper adjustments in order to weather the storm. The following is some information that supports my predictions and hopefully provides you with a map to help you steer…

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Increasing Sales in 2016 – BEST 10 TIPS

Increasing sales in 2016 – 10 Best Tips For the NFL fans out there whose team did not make the Super Bowl, the heartache is over, the healing begins, and we can now set our sights on September and Super Bowl 2017. We can do the same thing in business by increasing sales in 2016.…

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Hibernation Time for Customers

Dealers, Service Managers, and Service Advisors who start planning now for aggressive promotions actually can grab big business late in the year. FREE WINTER INSPECTION CAMPAIGN Start passing out a flyer to every visiting customer that offers, “Get your vehicle ready for winter with a free 32-point inspection!” Also, mount a massive full-database e-mail campaign…

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Dealership Sales Training

Make the Right Training Decision

Let’s face it. Training on any level can be an intimidating and daunting task. Questions like when to train, how often, and who should be involved come up.  What type of training and who should teach and provide it also adds to the confusion.  Most of the time, I feel that these questions become so overwhelming…

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