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Delivering the Vehicle on the Service Drive

Survey Scores on Vehicle Delivery Performance When survey scores demonstrate issues with the delivery of the vehicle, it’s time to take corrective action. Most of the time vehicle delivery struggles happen because you’re rushed, they’re rushed, or you just aren’t doing it properly. To fix vehicle delivery problems, Jeff Cowan recommends a specific process of…

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Never Stop Selling on the Service Drive

Automotive Service Customer Retention Customer retention is extremely important. Without customer retention, you have no business. Customer retention is best supported by sales staff that never stop selling! Master service advisors never stop selling who and what they are. The best service advisors use keywords and phrases to encourage better customer retention. Word Tracks Word…

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Finding Time to Train Automotive Service Advisor Training

Finding the Time to Train

How can we NOT find time for training? This week’s podcast focuses on the importance of training and the value of expert training for sales professionals. Don’t get stuck in the busybody mindset that puts training on the back burner with the common excuse “I don’t have any time for training”; instead, find the time…

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Your Numbers Dropped, Now What?

Summer Sales Figures Summer comes with high temperatures that put more stress on vehicles. The result is greater sales opportunities for new vehicles as well as maintenance and repair services. However, as the automotive sales demand grows, most dealerships are ill-prepared to handle the large influx of business with the highest level of customer service.…

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Proper Training for Longevity

Training helps Retain Higher Quality Service Advisors, Saving Your Dealership $$$$ The recruiting, training, and retention process for service advisors is both time-consuming and expensive. The process begins with running a job vacancy ad, then comes the series of interviews to find the most qualified candidate. Once the best candidate is selected, there’s the contract…

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ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability is near and dear to my heart.  A common problem for management and business owners is that even after they train and work with their staff, providing the tools they believe will bring success, they still are not experiencing desired results. If you are unable to get your people to do the things…

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“Pulling the Curtain Back” – Show How Effective You Really Are

“Pulling the Curtain Back” – Show How Effective You Really Are Start with a daily worksheet to be completed the night before meeting with customers.  Look at scheduled repair orders for the next day.  Make note of the check-in times, the reason for the visit, the mileage, and identify the customer. Then, make predictions based…

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Six Steps on How to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Six Steps on How to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction You must have faith in yourself and your career.  You also have to believe that your training will provide you with the tools necessary to be successful. Before I give you the six steps, I am going to tell you a story.  This is the…

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How To Use Word Tracks

EPISODE 7 – WRITE SERVICE AND WRITE YOUR OWN PAYCHECK… How to Use Word Tracks Previously, I discussed the importance of customer retention, the types of companies that have it, and why they have it. Customer retention happens to those who never stop selling who and what they are.  Word tracks are the best and…

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