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Why 60% of Service Drive Sales are Missed

Basic Service Drive Selling Fundamentals 1.) Taking control – means putting yourself in control of the situation and guiding its outcomes. Taking control of selling means that you are prepared for the sales conversation by being prepared to guide the discussion. A sales discussion that is in control will be defined by certain factors that increase…

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Tips for Your Slowest Month

Stronger Holiday Sales with Four Strategies Accepting that sales will struggle is a mindset that can be overcome by applying a few strategies during the holiday season. Do not surrender and settle because it is a slower winter season. The holidays offer an opportunity to increase sales with promotional opportunities. Customers need automotive services regardless…

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The Holes in Your Process?

The Holes in Your Process? Need a clear process – It has never been more important to have a process that is clear and consistently implemented. Good service processes have a clear process that is easy to understand. First, a process that works must be consistent and clear. This means that the process needs to…

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What’s Your Process?

Automotive Service Processes It is important for service drives to have clear processes that are followed by service managers. The first question we have to ask ourselves is: “do we have a process for this?” If you don’t have a clear process to follow, then your operations will never be as effective and efficient as…

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Six Areas of Closing

This week’s podcast focuses on six pro tips for closing service like an industry leader. Most service advisors can benefit from better closing that extends beyond simply asking for the customer’s money. By missing six areas of closing, Close them on coming in – You can’t sell customers something unless they are inside the service…

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Closing the Customer – Inviting Them Back

Closing the customer – Sell Yourself First Providing good service isn’t enough: The number 1 sale that you have to make is the sale of yourself. Every vehicle sale begins with how the customer feels about you as a sales professional. It’s just not enough to sell vehicles, services, or parts; we invite them back…

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6 Steps to Increasing Sales & CSI

Being the Best Requires the Best Education Training isn’t something that you did, it’s something that you do. At Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, I always emphasize the need for continuous training because the automotive industry and its customers are under constant change. Automotive Service Training, Service Advisor Training, Service Advisor Workshops and Automotive Service Workshops…

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Delivering the Vehicle on the Service Drive

Survey Scores on Vehicle Delivery Performance When survey scores demonstrate issues with the delivery of the vehicle, it’s time to take corrective action. Most of the time vehicle delivery struggles happen because you’re rushed, they’re rushed, or you just aren’t doing it properly. To fix vehicle delivery problems, Jeff Cowan recommends a specific process of…

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Never Stop Selling on the Service Drive

Automotive Service Customer Retention Customer retention is extremely important. Without customer retention, you have no business. Customer retention is best supported by sales staff that never stop selling! Master service advisors never stop selling who and what they are. The best service advisors use keywords and phrases to encourage better customer retention. Word Tracks Word…

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Finding Time to Train Automotive Service Advisor Training

Finding the Time to Train

How can we NOT find time for training? This week’s podcast focuses on the importance of training and the value of expert training for sales professionals. Don’t get stuck in the busybody mindset that puts training on the back burner with the common excuse “I don’t have any time for training”; instead, find the time…

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