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With nearly 450 million annual oil changes and an industry valued at over 7 billion dollars, express services training is one of the most fundamental and essential aspects of the service process, especially as it pertains to automotive dealerships, their profit margins, and customer return rates. No service center can expect success or substantially increased revenues without a team of highly knowledgeable, customer service-oriented individuals.

This point is where Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk becomes relevant. We have trained thousands of service employees and service departments to help them realize their maximum fixed operation goals. Our service drive training for express services is exactly what your dealership needs to lead the pack. This article will outline the value of this training and demonstrate why you need it to become more successful.

The Express Services Industry Is Booming


Just take a look at the statistics. For the past seven years in a row, the express services industry has achieved a positive growth rate, with nearly 33,000 functional express service operations competing for the business of almost half a billion customers transactions annually. In 2013 alone, average revenues for express services at individual locations exceeded three-quarters of a million dollars. Moreover, only a quarter of all these operations combine their express services with other auto repair and sales services. As you can see, the market is brimming with opportunity, and any express center that indicates otherwise is denying the facts. 

It’s Also Competitive


Combine a high-value market with an enormous number of retailers, and you have a cutthroat economic environment. This situation is the case with the express service industry. With every dollar and express center added, the margin for error when it comes to quality customer and operational service gets smaller. If a customer waits even minutes too long upon arrival, you may see it affect your closing ratios and retention rates in the future. Express service departments that can differentiate themselves will collect more cash from that 7-billion-dollar market. Those that don’t lose.

service advisor training onlineHow Pro Talk Can Help


Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk will take your express service department’s performance to the next level, ensuring your service center gets the lion’s share of all available revenue in your area. We achieve this objective by focusing our time-tested training methods toward three end goals:

Improving Efficiency  


A trainer will provide your staff with the best ways to reduce procedural inefficiencies, meet service time targets, and maximize employee utilization for smooth operation within a highly competitive environment.

Boosting Customer Retention 


Efficient operations equate to improved customer retention. When a customer comes to you for express services and you meet their expectations, they are almost guaranteed to return for their next oil change or repair. Our trainers will ensure your employees know those expectations and how to meet them.

Supporting Vehicle Sales & Service Center Repair Revenues 


Happy express service customers are much more likely to purchase their next vehicle from an associated dealership or bring in their vehicle for repair service. Successful express service operations will help support other areas of your business. Our trainers know this fact, and they will make sure your team does too.

Pro Talk can also set up an Express Service Department from the ground up.

Kickstart Your Business with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk

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