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While the service center has a lot of stakeholders, including floor operations advisors, technicians, service advisors, and clients, the most critical person in the entire process is the service manager. Today, we will examine the significance of having a skilled and experienced service manager in your dealership and provide some insight into how Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk manager and service advisor training seminar is an indispensable tool for any dealership looking to get an edge on the competition.

Service Manager


In most automotive service centers and dealerships, the service manager oversees all service department operations. Typically, this supervision requires knowledge of service technician and management duties. Managerial tasks include hiring, training, managing, and firing employees, as well as serving as their department’s primary contact with factory representatives. Automotive service managers also control costs within their departments and create marketing plans. In addition, they keep exhaustive service and inventory records. Finally, they act as a representative for the shop to customers and communicate with executives and owners on the status of their departments.

The on-site success of the manager reflects the performance of his or her team, as well as their service and sales operation numbers as a whole, including closing ratios, job satisfaction percentages, and customer return rates. A good service manager is crucial for the success of any automotive dealership or repair center.

Pro Talk Service Manager Training


service advisor training onlineAlthough training service advisors through our workshops and seminars directly is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve overall service center performance, our service manager training program is a unique approach to achieve the same goal. We target the central leader in your service center’s organizational structure to create growth and change. Developing the skills of your manager directly translates into better service advisor results in the form of:

  • Financial Management – They gain tools and techniques for the proper fiscal administration of a business.
  • Higher Profits – Managers learn to close deals with greater consistency and offer better service to ensure repeat customers and enhanced brand loyalty.
  • Leadership Development – They create leaders out of everyone on your team.

What Kind of Automotive Service Manager Training Is Available?


Each automotive service department has unique training needs. For dealerships with a dedicated service department, Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk provides a comprehensive training selection to meet any possible necessity. The following list outlines our training platforms and describes each option:

  • On-Site Training – In-store training with an expert Pro Talk consultant working directly with your service center staff
  • Workshops – Public and private seminars offered by Jeff Cowan himself
  • Virtual Online Training – A long-distance, online learning opportunity that uses podcasts to train your service center remotely, anywhere, any time

Feel the Pro Talk Difference


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