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Increasing Sales in 2016 – BEST 10 TIPS

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Increasing sales in 2016 – 10 Best Tips

For the NFL fans out there whose team did not make the Super Bowl, the heartache is over, the healing begins, and we can now set our sights on September and Super Bowl 2017. We can do the same thing in business by increasing sales in 2016.

Whether or not your team played in this year’s Super Bowl, one thing is for certain, every team is now hard at work mapping out their future and increasing sales in 2016.  The teams that played in the Super Bowl are making their game plan to produce a repeat performance to take them back glory land in 2017. The teams that did not play in the Super Bowl are especially hard at work figuring out what went wrong and what they need to fix to produce perfection in 2017.

Make no mistake about it, all the teams are diligently hard at work today and will be every day of the coming year so that they can be as successful as humanly possible in next year’s run for the title. In short, they leave nothing to chance – and neither should you.

If you do not already have an idea about how to make 2016 your best year yet, the following ten- step plan will absolutely help get you there.  As a matter of fact, I have shared this plan with many service advisors over the years and the ones who work it, report that they have increased their personal income by at least 10%.  Many have reported even higher increases. Increasing your sales in 2016 is quite possible if you follow my ten-step plan.

As I share this very simple ten-step plan with you, be forewarned.   It will initially add one hour to your day.  The more you work it, the easier it will get, and ultimately, the less time it will take to execute. So here it is:



  1. The early bird gets the worm! Rise and shine an hour earlier than you do now. Use this time to get prepared for the day and catch up on the latest news and hot topics that your customers will be talking about. This hour will prove invaluable for sharpening your senses and getting your head in the game so that you can hit the ground running.
  2. Watch what you eat. You will be amazed at how a controlled, healthy diet will boost your energy level, clear your thought processes, make problem solving easier, and eliminate the fatigue you typically experience at the end of each day. It is also a confidence booster when you like the reflection in the mirror.
  3. Increasing sales in 2016 will require you to make the time to manage and prepare for the day’s business. This will be a significant step to commit to, if you truly wish to increase your income.  Arrive at work at least 45 minutes early.  Examine all pre-printed repair orders and review customer notes. This will help you determine exactly how many hours are possible to sell. You can measure your success.  You will prepare a game plan in advance, to address the issues of the day’s customers. This will increase your efficiency and productivity.
  4. At the half way point in your day, make adjustments where needed. These adjustments can be minor or major, and are likely to be varied.  There is a reason for a half-time period in football games – and it is not to rest!
  5. At the end of each day, review what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong. This gives you the ability to identify the things you should replicate or eliminate.  This is a must!  You have to look at what your projections were at the beginning the day and see whether or not you met them, exceeded them, or missed them completely.  And then, you have to ask why? Identify successes and failures. Keep what works and fix what does not.
  6. Add “five more” to your communication practices. Send “five more” thank-you notes, “five more” texts, “five more” e-mails, and make “five more” phone calls.  Within 30 days, this step will produce significant results. Your communication with customers will center mostly on expressing gratitude for their business.  However, it is imperative that you include follow-up communication to disgruntled customers.  Also, do not miss the opportunity to acknowledge important visits, such as a first visit or a visit where a significant amount of work was done, or a visit by a simply great customer.   Think “five more” and you will capitalize on creating relationships that will secure your future.
  7. Continue your education and increasing your sales in 2016 will come naturally. Sign-up for training.  I know you are forced to attend a lot of training throughout the year, but search out more. Whether it be training for professional or personal growth, seek it out, sign up for it and go.  I highly recommend general business and marketing classes.
  8. Surround yourself with winners. This is likely to be the hardest step, since you may have to sever some long-time relationships. Those around you are either helping to build you up or they are contributing to bringing you down. Surround yourself with competent, talented people who provide a positive influence in your life.
  9. You have a vested interest in increasing your sales in 2016, work your job like it is your own business. I know that when you work at a dealership you are on the dealership team, your department team and your advisor or management team. Of course you should do everything in your power to assure the success of those teams. But, at the end of the day, no one cares more about your kids, your spouse, your car payment, your mortgage, or your general lifestyle, than you. You will be a much more successful team player, if your individual game is on point. I have often wondered what would happen if the service desk was run like a styling salon, where each person rents booth space?
  10. Increasing sales in 2016 isn’t easy, work each day like it is the last day of the month. Why rush around at the end of the month looking for deals and business to achieve your goals?  There will be no need for the end-of-month drama that ensues when you are scrambling to hit your numbers.  If you simply work each day of the month like it is the last day of the month, you will exceed your expectations and you will experience a whole lot less stress.


There you have it- the simplest and easiest steps to increasing sales in 2016 and your income by at least 10% over the next 12 months. In 2017, two teams will play in the Super Bowl.  Each team that makes it to the Super Bowl will have gotten there because they left nothing to chance.  They had a plan and they executed that plan.  When that game is played, twelve months from now, where will you be in your business? During that time you will have either increased, maintained, or lost income. Where you land in these three categories will be determined by the plan you create and follow.

If you have any questions about The Ten-Step Plan, call me or write me an e-mail with your feedback. I look forward to helping you in any way I can.  Let’s make 2016  a banner year, one step a time.    



About the author: Jeff Cowan, in his 29th year of training, is recognized as the creator of the modern-day, walk-around and selling processes for service departments. You can see him on a weekly broadcast of CBT News and read many of his published articles on various automotive publications. Currently partnered with NADA, EasyCare, NCM, Marellen, and other vendors and manufacturers, Jeff is the nation’s authority when it comes to training service advisors and service support staff. Visit his website at get info on On-Site Training, Public and Private Workshops, NEW DVD Training Program, Webinars, and a FREE trial of Virtual Training! For more great tips and advice, follow Jeff on Twitter at@JCowansProTalk. He’s also on Facebook, and Google+. You can also watch Jeff Cowan’s videos on YouTube!