service advisor sales process

Today, it’s no longer enough to have a desirable product or service. Like never before, studies suggest that customer service and the sales process are equally essential when it comes to customer retention rates and closing ratios. Marketing and product development will mean nothing if the staff at your service center lacks the talent to convert inquiries into profitable sales.

At Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, we know this fact better than anyone. We’ve dedicated our lives to training automotive service representatives so that they can deliver a world-class experience that customers both expect and deserve. Therefore, we are going to highlight four essential aspects of the service advisor sales process and share how a seminar or workshop from Jeff can take a business’s customer service core from barely functional to outstanding.

People Skills


Fundamentally, a sale is a transaction involving negotiation between either individuals or individuals and a firm. In both scenarios, the service advisor sales process requires employees to engage with people. Any reputable service advisor will show a strong command of skills such as being able to take control of the customer and transaction. They need to have the skill to set, manage and exceed customers’ expectations. When they have this ability, sales, survey scores, retention, and effective labor rates skyrocket. In addition, with this skill, disgruntled customers and “heat cases” are nearly eliminated.



service advisor trainingAn automotive service advisor acts as a channel for communication between the customer and the technicians and other staff members. Often, a service advisor may need to explain repair recommendations in layman’s terms to customers, while also briefing technicians on customer needs and managing repair schedules. These responsibilities require effective and efficient communication. A service advisor training session with a Pro Talk expert, whether on-site or remote, in the form of a workshop, seminar, or keynote, is a great way to encourage your entire advising team to build better communication skills.



A good service advisor is an expert listener. Simple as that. Service advisors must be able to interpret the customer’s body language and concerns, ask diagnostic questions to highlight the customer’s needs, write a proper repair order to tell the technician what the customer needs, and confirm they understand the customer’s needs. If a customer senses that their representative is not listening to them, then the chances of closing a sale diminish significantly. Our seminars and workshops help to cultivate the listening skills of each of your staff members.



If your service advisor team can reliably provide accurate estimates on parts and labor, your dealership and service center will see upticks in retention rates. It takes time to learn how to estimate correctly, and it requires focus. All too often, sales dollars walk right out the door as recommendations for a future visit, simply because the estimation was not done properly or on the stop.

Go Pro With Pro Talk


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