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Automotive organizational leaders are constantly searching for the next competitive advantage. In an industry defined by intense competition, we all know that it’s the little things that add up to be what separates your dealership from the competition. At the heart of any dealership’s success and sustainability are vehicle sales as well as closing on a high number of maintenance and repair service opportunities. One of the best ways to increase overall revenues is to have greater repair and maintenance sales conversion with our automotive service advisor sales training. Given the low costs to achieve this outcome, service advisor sales training is also one of the best ways to increase your overall profit margin.

Maintenance and Repair Sales are Based on Need

Vehicles need maintenance and repairs; customers will inevitably bring their vehicle to you for that service. How many customers that show up at your service center are purchasing maintenance and/or repair services? If 70% of your potential fixed operations customers are not making purchases, you can benefit from the sales knowledge offered by Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk.

If you are interested in growing repair and maintenance service sales, you’ve arrived at the perfect opportunity. Contact us today to schedule your Service Advisor Sales Training Opportunity that will take your service advisor sales to the next level.

“Our expert trainers have all been Pro Talk certified. They have achieved massive success with a minimum of 20 years of in-dealership experience, management experience, and fixed operations profitability.”

Jeff Cowan
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Jeff Cowan’s ProTalk would like to introduce Marellen Consulting as its Australia partner for a suite of sales training products for Service Managers and Advisors. Marellen is a privately owned training and coaching consultancy and is located in the city of Ipswich, in the South East region of Queensland Australia.

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